Marketing Your Hair Salon Business

3 Secret Marketing Tips To Growing Your Hair Salon Business

When it comes to marketing and growing your hair salon business it was not an aspect that was taught to you while you conducted your training in a beauty school. In fact the majority of the beauty schools are more focused on teaching about the art of cutting and styling hair, the beauty products and staying up to date with the most current beauty styles. What the majority of the beauty schools do not cover is related to how the future hair salon owners can grow and market a successful business. If you have your own salon and you are looking to grow your business here are three important tips you can use.

Avoid Skimping On Advertising Or Marketing Your Hair Salon

Marketing your hair salon using diverse and effective advertising is usually costly. However, marketing any type of business with inventive and creative advertising is definitely the way forward. This means you should seriously consider diverse types of advertising. To do this take advantage of excellent signage, radio, television and internet ads. To avoid trial-and-error in your advertising efforts you could hire a professional salon consultant to assist you on how to execute the best marketing plan for your business. By spending a bit of money and time in advertising now  will result in much larger sales later.

Pay Special Attention To The Atmosphere In Your Salon

When it comes to growing your hair salon business you should aim towards a goal that will ensure your salon sticks out from the competition. The best method to achieve this is to make sure that the atmosphere in your salon is stylish, clean and most importantly relaxing. Once you have achieved an elegant atmosphere you will want to ensure that the advertising you use reflects this. If you are unsure about how to go about creating the right atmosphere, hire a reputable salon consultant to assist you in a makeover for your business.

Market Your Hair Salon Online

Today, there is no excuse for any business not to be marketing their services or businesses online. If you do not have your own website that should be in place to advertise your hair salon you are missing out on a large amount of potential clients. Today, the majority of women and men use the internet in order to locate services or products in the area in which they reside.

Often when a person hears about a recommended hair salon through word-of-mouth, they will first try and find the salon online to find out more about the business. If they are unable to locate a website they will usually choose the closest competitor that features a website that is appealing and informative.

For this reason it is imperative that you have a well designed website that provides an easy way for loyal customers to stay connected and for any new customers to easily find your salon. Other online marketing platforms are also essential such as a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Once your website and social media platforms are in place you can use them to advertise weekly specials or when a new product is available in your salon. An example of a well designed website is

21st Century Marketing Tips For Artists

5 Guerrilla Marketing for Independent Artists

For many years, aspiring artists thought the only legit way to succeed was landing a recording deal with a major label. Also, it was assumed that a brand new band needed to in major retail outlets and on commercial radio in order to have a fighting chance to survive. 

Times have definitely shifted, and the low-cost recording technology and the Internet have spawned a thriving do-it-yourself music movement with an unlimited number of options to reach fans and get exposure. The best way to approach a budding career as an artist is to get your hands dirty, take control, and market your music yourself. Below you will find a few low-cost guerrilla marketing tips to get you started.

Hold A Contest 

Host a contest that is related to your new release or your band. Can you come up with a new idea to amp up the competitive spirit of music enthusiasts in your area? If so, you have your first marketing tactic.

Publish A Free Fan E-mail Newsletter

Passive marketing is when you run an advertisement, build a website, or put up fliers around the city. You put your message out there, and then you wait and hope that your target audience sees your message, understands it, and acts on it. 

However, passive marketing is the complete opposite. You do not wait, hope, and dream. You take your message directly to your potential fans, one by one. This includes meeting them face to face at your live shows, sending promotional items via snail mail, and sending announcement and updates via e-mail.

Sending out a free fan email newsletter is a form of active marketing. To make this work, you first need to get permission from individuals to send them special offers and more details. The best places to get this permission is on your website and at your live shows. Don’t make the process secretive. Once you get their permission, regularly send them targeted promotional information straight to their inbox.

Sponsor An Award Or Special Ceremony

Is there someone in your community that you would like to honor, or is there a special date in history or cause that you would like to recognize? If so, you can plan a musical event around that particular theme and make a party out of it.

On any other day, local news outlets could not care less about your weekend show at the local bar. But if you provide them with a one-off event sponsoring an awards ceremony or a tribute, then you just might have a media landslide in your possession.

Record A Seasonal Or Current Events Song

Your indie music release barely stands a chance of getting airplay on commercial radio stations, unless you have friends in high places. Therefore, you must use your creativity to come up with a way to sneak into a station’s rotation. 

One idea is to create a special song that relates to an upcoming holiday or that correlates to a current hot topic. For example, Christmas music almost always gets some airtime during the holiday season.

Utilize Your Existing Fanbase

When it comes to your fans, do not be timid about asking them to be a part of your success story. Remember, they are the people who like your music the most. To do this, include the phone number and call letters of radio stations that you are targeting in your mailings to fans. Then you can encourage your fans to contact these stations and request your music to be played.

Take these five promotional ideas, tailor them to your target audience and goals, and make them work for you! JonnyBoost is your source for marketing your brand online.